LNG for Marine


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The efficient marine fuel

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the cleanest available marine fuel; one that is rapidly becoming more common as a cost-effective alternative.

LNG is suitable for all vessel types, including ferries, passenger ships, tankers, bulk, supply and containerships.

Skangas offers reliable and flexible LNG bunkering services in North-West Europe.     

With a ship lifetime of 25 years, ship-owners should consider how to meet future demands with regards to fuel, legislation and brand building. Are you willing to go for LNG, or do you prefer to wait and see? Skangas is here to support you.

LNG is a cost-effective marine fuel  

  • Competitively priced long term compared to other fuels
  • Higher energy content  
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs   
  • A cleaner working environment
  • Safe and proven technology

LNG is the cleanest marine fuel meeting future demands

LNG offers several benefits to both reducing local pollution and the global environment. Switching to LNG means complete removal of Sox and particles, and reduction of Nox emissions of up to 85%.  In addition, LNG also reduces CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

Use of LNG as marine fuel means compliance with current and forthcoming IMO and EU regulations.   

Skangas offers reliable and flexible bunkering services today!

With more than 960 bunkering operations carried out in 2014, Skangas offers safe, swift bunkering operations. We strive to be in the forefront of developing operational procedures, technical solutions, and risk and safety assessments. We work together with our customers and other organizations - nationally and internationally - to share and implement best practices. 

Skangas offers LNG bunkering services in the Baltic Sea, North Sea and in the ARA Region.

Bunkering may take place from shore-to-ship, truck-to-ship or ship-to-ship, depending on your sailing route, timetable and fuel needs.  

Skangas also offers high quality, professional training of your personnel. Skangas Sales Managers will be your contact person to help you achieve your fuel goals.