Skangas bunkered Megastar


Tallink’s new LNG-powered fast ferry Megastar was bunkered by Skangas from a road tanker at Helsinki’s West Harbour on January 25, 2017. Megastar will start operating on the Helsinki-Tallinn route this weekend, powered by the cleanest marine fuel – liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The ferry’s test bunkering took place at the Skangas Pori terminal in early January. Skangas delivers LNG flexibly from the LNG import terminal opened in the autumn at Tahkoluoto, Pori, for maritime transport needs to ports along the coast. Megastar will continue to use the West Harbour as its regular bunkering site.

”We’re developing the West Harbour terminal for increased environmental friendliness. Our modern harbor enables LNG bunkering, which is particularly suitable for us as exhaust emission and noise levels from LNG-fueled vessels are lower,” says Kari Noroviita, Director, Passenger Harbours, Port of Helsinki.

Megastar’s two stainless steel LNG tanks have capacity for up to 600 m3 of gas. Environmental aspects were taken into consideration from the initial design phases of the fast ferry. For example, the funnel is shorter, which helps cut down air resistance – and therefore minimize energy consumption during operation.

”Megastar is a modern, environmentally friendly ferry that uses several energy-saving technologies and the cleanest marine fuel, LNG. Her smart energy management system helps minimize fuel consumption. Environmental issues have been taken seriously into consideration on this ferry that is 212 meters long and can accommodate 2,800 passengers,” says the Senior Captain of the ship, Vahur Sõstra, from Tallink Megastar.

”It’s great to get a new LNG-fueled vessel for Finnish waters. LNG is an excellent marine fuel as regards its environmental properties because its sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions are very low. We’re able to offer safe and reliable bunkering for maritime transport from road tankers, ships or terminals. In the future the ferry could also easily switch to renewable liquefied biogas,” says Tommy Mattila, Director, Marketing and Sales, from Skangas.