First full LNG bunkering of Fure West tanker


For the first time since its conversion to a triple fuel system, the product tanker M/T Fure West was bunkered with LNG by Skangas. The bunker operation took place at the Skangas LNG terminal in the Port of Risavika near Stavanger.

First vessel in Gothia Tanker Alliance to run on LNG

Fure West is the first vessel within the Gothia Tanker Alliance with dual fuel engine. The Alliance will further strengthen the fleet with four low emission new-buildings propelled by LNG becoming a clear front-runner in operating product tankers with outstanding environmental performance.

New bunker vessel to offer greater access to LNG

Skangas has in-depth experience in providing efficient and safe LNG bunkering services.  The recent delivery to the Fure West is another important addition to the growing list of vessels requesting LNG bunkering services from Skangas.  With two jetties equipped with dedicated loading arms for bunkering, the Skangas Terminal in Risavika offers great accessibility combined with safe and efficient operations. 

“We are very proud to offer a flexible, easily accessible LNG bunkering service directly at our LNG Terminal in Risavika,” says Tor Morten Osmundsen, CEO of Skangas.  “We operate a LNG infrastructure ready to provide LNG bunkering services along the coast of the Nordic countries as well as Ship-to-Ship deliveries. Availability of LNG bunkering services is not an issue any longer ”  

Skangas will by summer 2017 operate M /T Coralius  with a capacity of 5800 cbm  designed for ship-to-ship bunkering in icy conditions.

“We are very satisfied that we have now completed the conversion to LNG propulsion on the product tanker Fure West, and are able to offer first class shipping services to the market using the clean fuel LNG,” says Lars Höglund, CEO and owner of Furetank. “We are convinced that our strategy to invest in an environmentally-friendly propulsion solution, for both the conversion of the Fure West and the four new-builds in the Gothia Tanker Alliance, is the right decision for the future.”