LNG supply ageement for Porin Prosessivoima


Skangas and the energy company Porin Prosessivoima Oy have entered into an agreement on the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for a power plant in Kaanaa industrial park, Pori, Finland.

Porin Prosessivoima will buy LNG for the generation of energy used in production processes in the industrial park. LNG will replace heavy fuel oil, which have been used of the power plant as a reserve power fuel. The LNG will be delivered in the gaseous form to the power plant via a connection pipeline from the Skangas Pori LNG terminal to be completed in autumn 2016.

The Porin Prosessivoima Oy power plant supplies energy for industrial operators in the Kaanaa and Pihlava areas and district heat for the Pori Energia Oy district heat network. The main fuel for energy production is renewable fuel. Porin Prosessivoima Oy will replace heavy fuel oil use with LNG. This fuel switch will improve the efficiency of energy production and at the same time reduce the company’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 1,300 tonnes, sulfur (SOx) emissions by around 23,000 kg, nitrogen (NOx) emissions by around 23,000 kg and fine particulate matter emissions by around 1,000 kg a year.

”We comply with the principles of sustainable development and have made a commitment to reduce emissions from the power plant to meet the stricter emission limits. LNG is a more secure, more competitive and, above all, a cleaner fuel from the environmental perspective in comparison with heavy fuel oil. LNG will improve the reliability of our power plant and reduce emissions from the plant,” says Porin Prosessivoima Oy Managing Director Timo Mäki.

“We’re happy that Porin Prosessivoima Oy selected us as its gas supplier. We offer environmentally friendly LNG for a diversity of industrial needs as well as for use as a shipping and heavy-duty road transport fuel. Natural gas is an excellent choice to replace heavy fuel oil in power plant energy production, and environmental friendliness is one of its strengths,” says Skangas Key Account Manager Jouni Bedda.

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